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about us

about us

We are a team of young entrepreneurs, with aspirations to change and improve packaged baby food.
The team is formed by Doctors, Doctors in Nutrition, Computer Engineers and experts in business administration

Smileat was born to change the organic baby food in Spain. Our products are dedicated to people who are already consumers of organic products, and also to those who want to give quality products to their children.


Alberto Jiménez Co-founder / CEO

Business Administration Degree. Master in Internation Sales. Entrepeneur. You can find him in the different food organic markets in Madrid Master en comercio exterior y emprendedor nato. Se le puede encontrar en los multiples mercados de comida ecológica en Madrid. Amante de la fotografia. He loves photography. He loves doing new things

Javier Quintana Co-founder / CEO

Computer Ingeniere. " I love doing any kind of sport, mostly outside and with friends" . Travelling and meeting new cultures is one oy other passions. "Also I like to grow my own food, vegetables , fruits, as I did with my grandfather when I was a kid"

Rocío de la Iglesia
Co - founder / Product Development Manager

Dra. In Nutrition, Physiology and Health. "Passionate major challenge. I try to do my bit for society by raising awareness of healthy eating since childhood is fundamental"

Inmaculada Grueso
Co - founder/ Product Manager

Product Director (Para ponerlo en el titulo) Agriculture Ingeniere and quality food specilist. "I can´t live without going to the eco-friend markets". "I am enriched to be in contact with the handcrafted environment and to raise awareness about going back to a more natural lifestyle. Looking for fruit always with a smile!

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