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Alimentación Infantil 100% Ecológica | Contacta

Clara P.Villalón

Clara P. Villalón joined the team Smileat

Former Masterchef contestant, creative gastronomic blog lover fusion of new flavors, economics student, journalist and contributor to various media, joins the team Smileat.

Clara transmits all values ​​Smileat philosophy. A humble, hardworking, with feet on the ground, you want to start small to live in the long run what he really likes people. Defender of handmade, natural and organic products and products Smileat.

Why did we need only to have a dinner with her to know that collaboration is beginning would be the start of something big. We proudly present to Clara as culinary consultant team "Smileat"

A great signing will make the difference.

Thanks Clara, and welcome.

Twitter: @Clara_MCHef

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