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Organic Butternut squash & Courgette (230g)


Organic Butternut squash & Courgette (230g)

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Our organic butternut squash & courgette jar is one of the most desired flavors we have. This vegetable duo makes even moms and dads want to steal some bites from their little one.

Each jar is made with seasonal raw materials, from Spanish farmers and ranchers, maintaining the original flavor and texture. 100% organic

Sin Gluten CalabazaSIN CALABAZA

  • Description

    4+ months

    Gluten free

    Egg free

    CMP free

    No added sugar or salt

    Categories: 230g, savory, jars

    Labels: 230g, CMP free, dairy free, egg free, gluten free, jar, olive oil, pumpkin, savory jar, vegetarian, zucchini.



    Vegetables (73%)

    • Pumpkin* (31%)
    • Potato*
    • Zucchini* (17%)
    • Cooking water
    • Extra virgin olive oil* (2%)

    *Organically produced

    *Certified organic product of the European Union


    Nutrition Value per 100g:

    • Calories= 36.3 kcal (152.6 kJ)
    • Fat= < 0.91g
      • Saturated fat= <0.15g
    • Carbohydrates= 5.8 g
      • Sugars 1.6g
    • Protein= 0.83g
    • Sodium= 0.0128 g

    Weight: 230g

    Made for: 4+ months

    Expiration: 18 months

    Preparation: Open the jar, stir with a spoon and heat in the bain-marie (or in the microwave). Do not add salt. Once opened, keep it in the refrigerator and consume it in a maximum of 24 hours.

    Store in a fresh and dry place.

    Prepared and packed in Spain.

    Product Description:

    This puree jar of mashed pumpkin and zucchini is one of our best savory baby puree pots made from only the richest organic materials from Spain. This puree is all natural, has no added sugars or salt and is made without preservatives or thickeners just like the rest of our Smileat purees.

    This puree is amazing way to start your baby off on a healthy and natural diet from the beginning. It is a great choice to help your baby grow with a balanced and natural diet.

    Since your baby can start eating veggies after 4 months, start them off with this puree that is full of nutritional value for their development.

    One of the main ingredients in this mixture is organic pumpkin. It is filled with vitamin A, C, E and a number of minerals including beta-carotene. For these reasons, pumpkin is one of our favorite vegetables, and we are sure it’ll become one of your baby’s favorites too. The other main ingredient is zucchini, which has important vitamins like vitamin C, B3 and pro-vitamin A mixed with minerals and fibers.

    If you want your baby to have a healthy and natural diet, this pumpkin and zucchini puree is the ideal solution. Our secret is the high quality of the raw materials we use in all of our products.

    Also, while preparing this mixture, along with all our savory jars, we use organic potatoes and extra virgin olive oil.

    If your baby is over 8 months old and you want to expose them to the taste of fish, try out our savory Hake and veggie puree jar, which we are sure they’ll love!

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