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Pera y manzana 230g Ecológico


Pera y manzana 230g Ecológico

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50% pera 50% manzana…nada más!! Escogemos las mejores manzanas y peras provenientes de la agricultura ecológica española. Además para darle nuestro toque, se le ha añadido una ínfima cantidad de canela.

Cada tarrito está elaborado con materia prima de temporada, de agricultores y ganaderos españoles, manteniendo el sabor y textura original. 100% ecológico.

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  • Description

    50% pear and 50% apple, nothing else!! We pick the best apples and pears from organic farms across Spain. Also to give it a little personal touch from us, we add a hint of cinnamon.


    4+ months


    CMP free

    Egg free

    No added sugar


    CATEGORIES: 230g, Sweet, Jars

    Labels: 12 months, 8 months, 6 months, 4 months, 230g, apple, cinnamon, CMP free, dairy free, egg free, fruits, gluten-free, jar, lemon juice, pears, sweet jar.



    • Apple* (50%)
    • Pear* (50%)
    • Cinnamon*
    • Lemon juice*


    *Organically produced

    *Certified organic product of the European Union


    NUTRITION VALUE for 100g

    • Calories= 51.1
    • Fat= <0.3g
      • Saturated fat= <0.04g
    • Carbohydrates= 11.2g
      • Sugars= 7.4g
    • Protein= 0.2g
    • Sodium= 0.05g

    WEIGHT: 230g

    MADE FOR: 4+ months

    EXPIRATION: 18 months


    Open the bottle, stir with a spoon before consuming. Do not add sugar. Once opened, keep it in the refrigerator and consume it in a maximum of 24 hours.

    Store in a fresh and dry place.

    Prepared and packed in Spain.



    This Smileat pear and apple puree is the perfect mix of our two favorite fruits! In fact, we love them so much that at least one of these two ingredients is in each of our sweet purees. This is an excellent option to start the stage of your baby’s life when you start feeding them other foods. It consists of 100% organic apples and pears from Spain, has no added sugar, preservatives or thickeners and is gluten-free.

    This apple compote with pear is the ideal combination for your little one to enjoy the best organic fruits Spain has to offer. We love apples for their high fiber content, its sweetness, vitamin C, and potassium. It reinforces the immune system, acts as an antioxidant and improves stomach function; furthermore, due to its vitamin B content, it improves brain and muscle function.

    The pear, which is equally beneficial, maintains intestinal balance and protects against digestive diseases. Due to its high folic acid content, the pear contributes to the development of bones and the nervous system; a side benefit is that pears are also great at reducing food allergies. Due to these benefits, it is one of the recommended fruits to introduce to your baby.

    We are sure that this apple and pear puree will make your baby very happy. Furthermore, it is nutritious, has no stabilizers or added sugar, and is produced with the best Spanish organic raw materials.

    If you like this combination, we suggest you also take a look at our oats alternative: Apple and Pear puree with oats. It is one of the most nutritious options you can find in our store.

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